#BeBoldForChange for International Women’s Day

Int. Womens Day

The issue of dress codes in the workplace has been in the news this week as the legality of requiring women to wear heels at work was debated in parliament following a petition that received 152,420 signatures. Helen Jones (MP) noted that discriminatory dress codes “stem from and feed into and attitude to women in the work place… which concentrates on a stereotypical appearance rather than skills women can bring to the job

A joint report by the the Petitions Committee and Women and Equalities Committee was recently published  ‘High Heels and workplace dress codes which looks at evidence and experiences of workers affected by dress codes.  It highlighted ongoing discriminatory practices when it comes to dress codes.

Click here to read the full report and view other related documents.

Click here to watch the debate on the petition

It is timely that this particular issue at the forefront this week as today (8th March) is International Women’s Day.


This year International Women’s Day is asking you to #BeBoldForChange .  What  impact does gender equality, the gender pay gap and dress codes at work have on the tourism, hospitality and events industry?

Below are some further resources where you can find some more information and a couple of example journals that you can find on Discover.

World Economic Forum – The Global Gender Gap Report 2016

Ferguson, L, & Alarcón, D 2015, ‘Gender and sustainable tourism: reflections on theory and practice’, Journal Of Sustainable Tourism, 23, 3, p. 401

Pritchard, A, & Morgan, N 2017, ‘Tourism’s lost leaders: Analysing gender and performance’, Annals Of Tourism Research, 63, pp. 34-47


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