Recent journal articles for Events Management

Spotlight on resources

Reading and analyzing academic articles is really important when you’re writing your assignments or preparing for your classes.  The new issue of the journal  Event Management (2016, vol. 20, issue 4) is now online and it includes some interesting articles on exhibition service quality and the economic impact on attendee spending on a host region among others:

The most recent issue of the International Journal of Event and Festival Management (2016, vol. 7, issue 3) also has some interesting articles that may be useful for modules you are or will be studying, for example:

You’ll also find academic articles on events management in a range of other journals,by searching Discover. The examples below are from Tourism Management, Journal of Destination Marketing & Management and Journal of Environmental Management

Don’t forget, if there’s an article you think is really relevant but we do not subscribe to it you have several options:

  1. Order it via interlibrary loan for yourself
  2. Speak to your module leader – if it would be relevant for everyone in your class the library may be able to obtain a copyright cleared copy to add to My Module Resources
  3. Check the Access to Research website to see if it is available within a participating public library
  4. Check Google Scholar – a growing number of articles are published open access


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