a-n The Artists Information Company

The University of Sunderland subscribes to a series of resources produced by a-n The Artists Information Company that are invaluable to art practitioners. We have print copies of many of the a-n published professional guidance around issues such as copyright or working in the community which can be found using the library catalogue.

We also subscribe to a-n The Artists Information Company online which provides access to a host of resources and networking opportunities. The resources section is particularly useful for anyone looking to work independently as an artist, with advice on issues such as funding, fee setting, selling your work or negotiating contracts. The jobs and opportunities section is definitely keeping a watch over and it is possible to set up weekly alerts to your email account so that you are notified as new opportunities arise.

The community section is where you will be able to interact and network with other artists to discuss current issues or make connections for future opportunities.

Video iconIt can be a little tricky to log in to the a-n website to gain full access to resources.This short video should help if you have any difficulty accessing the online resources off campus.

a-n The Artists Information Company website will also have great value for Performing Arts students as much of the guidance around professional practice will be useful for anyone dealing with arts in a community setting.

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