Tips for Finding Events Books

Events Management books

Most events books are shelved at 394.2 which is upstairs at St. Peter’s Library, however, some events books may be shelved at other numbers if they are also about other subjects, for example a book about events marketing may be shelved with other marketing books at 658. This is because books are catalogued based on their overall subject. We use a standard Dewey Decimal system used by many other libraries to catalogue all of our books and we shelve them in alphanumerical order so that they’re easier to find.

Browsing the shelves is not the best way to find books in the library. We have so many books, that even library staff would struggle to find a specific book simply by browsing the shelves. All books are on the Library Catalogue and with a keyword, title or author search you can easily find the shelfmark of the book you need.


If you’re doing a keyword search it can be really useful to refine your search for example, choose a specific date range, view only ebooks or only books at St. Peter’s Library etc. You can also refine by author and subject.

Library Catalogue - refine options

When you find the title on the Library Catalogue you want to read, you can check where that is on the shelf by locating on the Library Maps. You will be able to see whether the title is upstairs or downstairs in St. Peter’s Library.

Library Catalogue - maps

We buy ebook versions of titles on your reading list when they are available and over the last few years we’ve purchased a lot of ebook titles for wider reading too. If an ebook version is available you’ll see a link to read it online with your University User ID and password. This means you can read it immediately.

Watch our short video on finding and using ebooks.

If you search for a book and find that it is in the Murray Library, you can reserve it and request to collect it at St. Peter’s Library. You can also reserve a book if it is on loan to another student. In this case you will be added to a queue and sent an email when it is reserved for you. When it is ready it will be shelved under your name next to the Self issue machine.

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