Using Library Ebooks – Top Tips and Troubleshooting

Why can’t I print/copy?

You can only print/copy from an e-book when you’re in the Read Online version

Why don’t e-books all look the same?

Our library ebooks come from several different academic publishers and although the way you log in is the same the books themselves might look slightly different or have the download/read online options in a slightly different place.

Why can’t I flick through pages of the book?

If you experience problems moving seamlessly through the pages of the book it might be to do with the browser you’re using.  Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari all work with e-book software differently so if you’re having problems try changing browser.

Why can’t I see the text?

If you get a blank white screen when you’re trying to read an e-book make sure your pop-up blocker isn’t stopping the text from appearing, or if using an ipad that your settings are correct.

How can I read offline?

You can download a temporary version of an e-book which you can access for 24 hours – a link to a pdf version of the book will appear on your desktop.  After 24 hours the link will no longer work, but you can download as many times as you wish.

How can I get more help and advice?

Ask library staff or look at our online help, plus you can also access online help from our ebook providers

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