New books for tourism, hospitality and events 2015/16

Between August 2015 and May 2016 we bought lots of new titles for tourism, hospitality and events. Here are just a few of them. You’ll find all these titles and more on the Library Catalogue.


New books

Beeton, S. (2015)
Travel, tourism, and the moving image

Chambers, D. & Rakic (2015)
Tourism research frontiers: beyond the boundaries of knowledge (ebook available)

Duffy, R. (2013)
Trip Too Far: Ecotourism, Politics and Exploitation

Edelheim, J.R. (2015)
Tourist Attractions: From Object to Narrative

McEvoy, E. (2015)
Gothic tourism

Page, S.J. & Connell, J.(2014)
Tourism: a modern synthesis (New edition)

Sidali, K.L., Spiller, A. & Schulze, B. (2011)
Food, Agri-Culture and Tourism: Linking Local Gastronomy and Rural Tourism: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (ebook available)

Smith, M. K., & Diekmann, A. (2015)
Ethnic and minority cultures as tourist attractions


New books


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