New Macs and PCs in the library

New IT image

A huge amount of PC and Mac computers in the libraries will be replaced with quicker, higher spec models this month. This will make log in times even faster giving you access to a wider range of software more easily.


There will be 10 new Macs for Murray Library and 5 for St. Peter’s Library. The Macs on the upper level of the Murray Library will be consolidated into one area in the Design Suite to allow for management of the software and make finding an available Mac more straightforward. The 3 PCs in there at the moment will be moved to outside of the room. There will also be changes to the way that the software and your accounts are managed on the Macs making it easier for you to save your work and access your profile.


The majority of the PCs in Murray and St Peters library are being replaced with new quicker, higher spec models. This will make the log in time shorter and allow you to use a wider range of software more easily. The roll out will begin on the lower level of Murray Library and this year all of the PCs on the lower level, in the quiet PC room on the ground level and over 50 PCs in the open spaces on the ground level. In St Peters all lower ground floor PC clusters will be replaced with brand new machines as well as the two smaller clusters on the ground floor.

All of our new machines will be rolled out in the run up to the Easter break, before the exam time starts. Hurrah!

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