What is the ‘request a copy’ button?

Screenshot of request a copy button

What is the button?

SURE provides online Open Access to research produced at the University of Sunderland.

Most of the documents in SURE are freely available for download however some of the documents are ‘closed access’. They are not available online for a certain period of time or can not be made available online.

The request a copy button allows users to ask for a copy of these ‘closed’ documents.

How does it work?

When a document in SURE is not available for download the user will see the option to request a copy.

They are asked to provide information as to why they wish to use the work.

The message is sent to the author to reject or approve.

Should I approve the request?

Under the Fair Dealing Provisions of Copyright, publications are allowed to be distributed for specific purposes: research, study, criticism and new reporting. The ‘request-a-copy’ button enables the distribution of published material for these purposes.

Only the author can decide to share the work, if the request is accepted an email is sent to the individual who made the request.

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