Reading for Assignment Success: Tips for managing your reading

Reading for assignment success

Tips for managing your reading

Throughout your modules

    • Use your My Module Resources list as a guide and select relevant sources rather than trying to read every title – especially if the list of recommended resources is long.
    • Read regularly as you are going along, a little bit at a time rather than leaving all your reading until the last minute.
    • Use skimming and scanning to gain an overview of texts and choose what to read in more depth.
    • Record important information that you may need later such as page numbers or quotes/ideas that interest you.
    • Make critical notes as you read and review them later following up on any action points or questions from your notes.
    • Ask for help from your librarians or study advisers.

On the approach to assignments

    • Choose relevant titles from your My Module Resources list and chapters to focus your reading.
    • Think about what sources of information would be best for your assignment and…
    • Allow plenty of time to find your own reading from your college library or from the University Library.
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