Reading for Assignment Success: An intro to academic journals

Reading for assignment success

An intro to academic journals

You will be encouraged to find and read academic journal articles to develop your understanding of your subject and to help you write your assignments. As you progress through your studies you will find that you are expected to use them more.

Most academic journals will be structured in a similar way, so that you know what to expect when reading them. There are some differences between disciplines, for example science related subjects may include more raw data such as statistics, graphs and charts while humanities subjects may include more of a literature review and analysis.

We’ve made an interactive guide to academic journals that can be downloaded as a pdf.

The PDF is interactive so you should be able to hover over the sections marked with a mouse icon and view a description.

Demystify the journal universe (video)


Download and explore the ‘Guide to Academic Journal Articles‘ and watch the ‘Demystifying Academic Journals‘ video below to better understand how academic journals work and then complete the ‘fill in the blanks’ activity below.

Hint: You can expand the missing word list if you need to.

Missing Word list


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