iGCAuto…Innovative Graphene-Based Polymer Composite Materials for Automotive Applications


The future of energy efficient and safe vehicles EESVs is achieved by a combination of novel materials concepts with safety design approaches through the development and optimisation of advanced ultra-light graphene-based polymer materials, efficient fabrication and manufacturing processes, and life-cycle analysis (LCA) to reduce the environmental impact of the vehicle during its life-cycle.

The development of novel graphene-based materials and their potential applications in automotive industry are the main focus of the iGCAuto project. The utilisation of graphene-based materials in the fabrication of nanocomposites with different polymer matrices will be investigated, modelled, and designed to enhance both vehicle and occupant safety; yet remain very light. This material will provide benefits such as improved strength, dimensional stability and better thermal behaviour, better flame behaviour (active as flame retardant and for reducing the emission of smoke), and superior durability.