Social Sciences

NRF Third Seminar Series 2015-16

Social Sciences/CASS
Marc Husband – Digital Youth Work 29th January 2014
Donna Powton – Ethical approaches to computer hacking 26th February 2014
David Bates – Racist exclusion and organic multiculturalism: the two faces of British asylum policy 26th March 2014
Drew Dalton – A positive future? Life histories of HIV+ people in the North East of England 30th April 2014
Kim Gilligan & Jane Davies – The Impact of Austerity Measures on the Professional Practice of Teachers Wednesday 26th November 2014
Sheila Quaid – Mothering under austerity Wednesday 28th January 2015
Stephen McDonald, Anne Charnock & Jane Scutt – Exploring past and present biographies of psychiatric care in periods of austerity Wednesday 18th February 2015
Nicola Roberts, Catherine Donovan and Matt Durey – Domestic Violence Under Austerity & Wel that would be nice but we can’t do that in the current climate: Prioritising Domestic Violence Services under austerity Wednesday 25th March 2015
Faye Cosgrove – The role of the special constable under austerity Wednesday 29th April 2015
Kate Tudor – Austerity as the systematic violence of capitalism Wednesday 27th May 2015
Dr Kate Ward – It’s all a bit of a pantomime: An exploratory study of gay and lesbian adopters and foster carers in England and Wales 28th October 2015
Dr James Blewitt, Prof Jill Manthorpe and Prof Nick Frost – Making Research Count Wednesday 4th November 2015
Stephen Crossley – The troubles families programme: In, for and against the state 25th November 2015
Paul Dresser – Understanding PREVENT policy through dispositive and reflexive risk 9th December 2015
Centre for Applied Social Sciences and Northern Rock Foundation Interpersonal Violence Seminar Series
Does the criminal justice system work? 19th January 2014
Austerity: Impacts on domestic and sexual
violence services nationally and in the North East
18th September, 2015
The toxic Trio: domestic violence, mental health and substance use. Building partnership working. 11th December, 2015
Modern Languages research series 2015-16
Dr Miguel Gomes (Spanish) ‘The Challenge of translating literature: or how I learned to stop worrying and love the words’ Dr Sheila Walsh (French) ‘Crossing the line: Thomas Ismaÿl Urbain, renegade and passeur in colonial Algeria.’
Dr Susan Mandala (TESOL) ‘ESL and EFL Voices in English Language Fiction’
Dr Michael Hepworth (TESOL) ‘Argumentation and citizenship in the Adult ESOL classroom’
Dr Sheila Walsh (French) ‘Crossing the line: Thomas Ismaÿl Urbain, renegade and passeur in colonial Algeria.’

CASS 2016-17

September 28th: Dr Kim Gilligan: ‘Continuing social justice through critical pedagogies in Higher Education’.

November 2nd: Dr Sheila Quaid and Dr Angela Wilcock: ‘Emotional dilemmas when positioning standpoint logic as a methodological framework.’

November 23rd: Dr Ilona Buchroth: ‘Civil courage in anti-democratic times?’

December 14th: Dr Nicola Roberts: ‘Increasing visibility to stay safe: students’ strategies and the significance of gender.’

March 1st: Dr Donna Peacock: ‘Mind the gap: explaining gender inequality in cybersecurity.’

March 29th: Dr Wendy Podd: ‘Young people’s participation: beyond New Labour?’

May 3rd: Dan Connolly: ‘Researching children and young people’s voices and participation: locating the threads.’