Jamie Spears – Late Victorian and Fin de Siecle Spiritualism in the North East Wednesday 19th February 2014
Sarah Hackett – Keeping up with the Khans: Ambition and authority amongst immigrant communities in British and German neighbourhoods Tuesday 11th March 2014
Susan Mandala – The archaic in George R R Martins novel “A Game of Thrones” : Re-assessing heroic fiction on stylistic grounds Wednesday 19th   March 2014
Marjan Shokouhi – Love and the big City: Patrick Kavanagh in Dublin Wednesday 2nd April 2014
Peter Dempsey – Philip Roth and the writing life 22nd October, 2014
Ian Bassam – Include me out: Eurpoean HE student’s relationships with home students Wednesday 10th December 2014
Professor Abdur Raheen Kidwai – The Novels of British Asian Writer Qaisra Shahraz Wednesday 6th May 2015
Dr Joan Cutting – Curriculum Development in second language teaching Wednesday 20th May 2015
Debbie Taylor – Editor, Mslexia Friday 27th November, 2015
Miguel Gomes – The Challenge of translating literature: or how I learned to stop worrying and love the words Monday 30th November 2015
Fintan O’Higgans – Emmerdale and Hollyoaks scriptwriter. Friday 29th January, 2016
Geoff Nash – William Gifford Palgrave: Master of Disguise. Wednesday 17th February, 2016
Ross Howard, playwright – Our Walk Through the World; Arthur; Esther. Friday 19th February, 2016
Dale Townshend – Horace Walpole’s Enchanted Castles Wednesday 16th March, 2016
Rob Young, Writer in Residence – How to Write a Movie Friday 3rd June, 2016
Dr Miguel Gomes – Beowulf on Film 16th November, 2016
Professor Angela Smith
‘The uses and abuses of banter in broadcast media’
14th December, 2016

Culture seminars (from January 2017)

Iain Rowan (Sunderland University) New Approaches To Storytelling In The Digital Age 10th February, 2017
: Dr. Kevin Yuill (Sunderland University) Rebels against the infinite: Attitudes to suicide in the fin-de-siecle USA 24th February, 2017
Dr. Mary Talbot (author of The Red Virgin) and Dr. Laura O’Brien (Northumbria University) Revolutionary women: Imagining Louise Michel 24th March, 2017
Dr. Delphine Doucet (Sunderland University) Priestcraft, civil religion and toleration in the early modern period.   7th April, 2017
Dr. James Koranyi (Durham University) Fascist Divisions: a Romanian German “historians’ dispute” at the end of the Cold War. 12th May, 2017
Dr. David Fallon (Sunderland University) “Can you say I am an old man?”:Sentiment and the Mask of Ageing in Thomas Holcroft’s Duplicity (1781)’’ 9th June, 2017