Education/Centre for Pedagogy  
John Fulton – A Foucauldian Lens Wednesday 15th January 2014
Stephanie Atkinson – Increasing a D&T student teacher’s understanding of designing through a new self assessment and feedback system Thursday 6th February 2014
Kim Gilligan – Managing Risk at an Early Age: The concept of citizenship revisited Wednesday 5th March 2014
Lieselotte Van Leeuwen – The need for rebellious play, how to support it through design Thursday 27th March 2014
Bridget Cooper – Please sir I want some more ….. In search of outstanding educational progress for the undeserving but highly scrutinised education poor Wednesday 7th May 2014
Maria Dawson – Employability: The students perspective Thursday 20th November 2014
Dr Mahruf Shohel – Teachers professional Development in disruptive school environments: An ethnographic approach to understand teachers lives Wednesday 10th December 2014
Kim Gilligan – I wish you were there when I am writing the assignment: An exploration if the concept of presence face and the impact on students’ confidence when tackling an assignment Wednesday 11th February 2015
Imad Waragh, Nasri Awang Besar and Zadma Al Fourganee – Everything you ever wanted to ask about assessment theory Wednesday 4th March 2015
Maria Dawson – Happiness – the respective responsibilities of HE & Graduates Thursday 19th March 2015
Diane Westwood – Exploring the research potential of digital storytelling Thursday 7th May 2015
John Fulton – The consequential relationship between doctoral course design and capstone design Wednesday 20th May 2015
Maddalena Taras – Assessment: challenging our perceptions and practices Thursday 11th June 2015
Prof Jean McNiff – An introduction to teacher research Saturday 10th October 2015
Kim Killigan & Julie Armstrong Gregson – The importance of Resiliance for ITE trainees both within their training and beyond. Wednesday 14th October 2015
Dr Steven Reissig – Lessons learned on leadership development Thursday 29th October 2015
Nasri Awang Besar – Lecturers feedback and student ecpectation – does it match Thursday 5th November 2015
Lynne McKenna – Parental engagement: Developing a social impact measurement tool Wednesday 18th November 2015
Kate Duffy – Critical explorations in education: poster symposium of undergraduate education research Thursday 3rd December 2015