Event: Motion Design Masterclass 16th November

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Masterclass : Developing a Career in Motion Design with Hayley Akins

Date: 16 November 18:00-20:00 Media Centre

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Hayley shares a few insights with Creative Futures

I’m a motion designer and animation director, originally from Durham currently living in London.

I have had 10 years professional experience working in the industry with high profile clients such as Google, YouTube, the BBC, Facebook and UEFA.

I previously worked at the creative agency Across the Pond, the in-house video agency at Google, as their Senior Motion Designer.

But I have been freelancing and running my own business for the past 3 years.

I have really loved being freelance and owning my own business, although I think it’s hard to find clients and get started.

5 important lessons I’ve learnt along the way are:

  1. Be a friendly person, it goes a long way.
  2. Work very hard and believe in yourself.
  3. Make connections with your peers or community. So if you are studying right now make sure you stay connected with your course mates because it could lead to future work.
  4. Start to become involved in your industry – for example join twitter and follow other animators. Start getting involved in community conversations.
  5. Make stuff now! Don’t wait to be asked to make a project. Create your own project now and finish it!

In the masterclass I will speak about my career, background and more about what I have learned along the way. I will also be giving tips and advice on the best ways to start your career in film or animation and also sharing some freelance tips.

I’ve recently launched new podcast and website to help motion designers and animators build better businesses, to give them work/life balance and the ability to say no – so they can choose the projects they want to work on. It will also help new freelance designers, providing advice on how to get clients, plan projects and much more.

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