What could I do with Media ?

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If you are studying media you might be unclear about what you could with your degree. This article is based on a recent careers workshop about exploring careers in the media industry, wider options and getting the most out of your degree.


Your career is a journey

Getting into the media or any other type of work often does not involve a neat clear linear pathway. The route may have many twists and turns and crossroads where the way to go is not obvious. This can mean that frequently we have to navigate change and choices as opportunities close or open up.

To steer your way through will require a degree of self knowledge, having an understanding of the factors that influence your decisions. These could include your motivations, professional interests, values and ethics, people that influence or inspire you or your skills and experience.

Many of the major changes effecting the jobs market are driven by factors such as technology and the wider economy. Having an understanding of the trends within job sectors that interest you will give you insights into the potential skills that will be needed along the way.


Exploring the media industry

It is never to soon to start considering the types of job roles that interest you. Even in your first year you should  become familiar with the wide variety of positions there are working in TV, Film, Radio and Digital and other related careers. Whilst at university there are a number ways to explore the industry through placements, volunteering and attending industry events, master classes and careers events. Use these opportunities to find out what it is like to work in the media, potential routes into areas that interest you and make connections with professionals as they may have valuable links to help you secure work experience.

Top tips from Professionals

At a recent Royal Television Society careers event RTS Futures we asked media professionals for there three top tips to pass on to students wanting to work in the media.

* To watch the interviews click on the titles below

Stirling Mitchel – ENVY (Post production)
Carol Mckenzie – True North (Factual / documentaries)
William Samaha – Sky (VR Drama)
Emily Richards – Sky News (Image archives)













Starting points for research

There are a number of useful websites that are a good place to start including Creative Skillset

Film:   http://creativeskillset.org/creative_industries/film/job_roles

Radio: http://creativeskillset.org/creative_industries/radio/job_roles

Television: http://creativeskillset.org/creative_industries/tv/job_roles

RTS – How to Get into Television https://rts.org.uk/resource/tv-jobs-guide-how-get-job-television





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