Professional Mentoring Scheme

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Interested in improving your employability skills?

Come and join our Professional Mentoring Scheme and hook up with your own Professional Mentor.

A Professional Mentor is someone from the world of work who will talk to you about what’s important to you and act as a sounding board to inspire and motivate you. They have a wealth of experience and they know what life is really like in full-time employment. They’re approachable and willing to give up their time to share ideas and contacts with you, to help you build the skills you need for the future.


Mentoring Scheme Intern Simona Stancheva talks about how it help her

As the intern who supports the Professional Mentoring Scheme for 2016/2017 I benefited from the scheme when I met with my mentor during my first year of study. Studying psychology my mentor worked within the HR team of Nissan.

Although not directly related to my field of study, he greatly supported me in reflecting on my strengths and weaknesses and helped me to focus my attention on how to develop the skills all employers look for such as communication and team work.

Through our discussions I also realised how competitive the world of work is, which motivated me to look for as much volunteering and work experience as possible.

In my new role, I read through the feedback of last year`s mentees.  I often see students giving really positive feedback that their mentor helped them get a clearer idea of the career path they want to follow.

Another important benefit is developing confidence. Meeting with a professional and discussing their own ideas really helps students build the confidence they need to follow their career aspirations. In addition the mentees often had the chance to visit the work place of their mentors and to meet their colleagues. Now that is a great networking opportunity!

Daniel McGregor, an illustration and design student was mentored by Paul Finch who works in Pulse creative marketing. Daniel managed to get a better idea of what he would enjoy doing after graduation and he also said:

“It has made me a lot more confident, so when I graduate I can go out there and do a job in illustration and/or design.”


What’s in it for you?

  • Opportunity to meet someone from the world of work
  • Opportunity to gain new skills and build your confidence
  • Opportunity to realise your potential

What’s your commitment?

  • Attend an Induction Session at the University
  • Meet your Mentor for 5 x 1 hour sessions over the course of a year
  • Tell us how it went


To find out more go to the Professional Mentoring webpage or to register click here 






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