What can I do with a Fine Art degree?

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Fine art graduates develop a range of practical and creative skills, and gain valuable experience of showing work in exhibitions, entering competitions and building up a portfolio of work.

It is common for Artists to practice in more than one area of work or setting combining freelancing, commissions and part-time work. It is common for Artists to explore their work through different mediums which can lead into

developing skills and experience across a broad range of disciplines such as painting, print, digital photograpy, film, sound, scupture and catalogue design. It can take time to build these areas of practice and your time at university is an ideal time to explore them.

Common areas of work and settings for practice include:

Becca Rubin
BA (Hons) Fine Art Graduate, Becca Rubin – recently awarded a place on Roche Continents.

Fine Artist – Studio Practice

  • Developing and exploring artistic practice
  • Establishing studio space
  • Apply for commissions
  • Promoting work
  • Exhibitions and shows

Artist in Residence

  • Opportunities for artist to explore their practice in a specific location or organisation
  • Can be part of museums, universities, galleries, studio spaces, theatres, artist-run spaces, municipalities, governmental offices, and even festivals
  • Often involves research based projects related to the residency context

Participatory Arts

  • Roles in this may be referred to as Community Arts Worker and involves engaging members of the public in the arts
  • This practice has the audience as co-authors, editors, and observers of the work.
  • It is often based in community settings or working with specific groups with some arts companies, organisations and projects specialising in it.

Arts, Cultural and Heritage

Includes Jobs within arts organisations, galleries or museums such as

Therapeutic Arts

  • Artists delivering arts activities that have therapeutic benefit with groups and individuals
  • Art Therapist – working as a trained and qualified therapist using visual arts
  • Work often in settings such as residential care, hospices, mental health, health rehabilitation, prisons and special needs


Commercial Art

  • Artwork for advertising campaigns
  • Books, magazines and album covers
  • Artwork for products, logos or signage

Other Related Work

There are a range of jobs where a visuals arts or design degree is useful for more Click here

Examples include Graphic Designer  Advertising Art Director


General Graduate Jobs and Internships

Many graduate employers recruit graduates of any subject. They involve training for management or other professional areas such as

marketing, HR, finance  or account manager. Employers will look for evidence of a range of valuable graduate skills and attributes, rather than specific subject knowledge.

For information about the graduate jobs market see Prospects and Target Jobs 

Internships are opportunities in a range of areas designed to give graduates experience in industry and can be up to 12months.


In this video a panel of visual arts graduates talk about their experiences of developing their practice and work


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