Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Role for You

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People tend to have the misconception that digital marketing is a single all-encompassing role which demands one particular set of skills. Granted, there are general digital marketing jobs available, however these tend to be assisting roles to the specialist digital marketing departments. To increase demand for your skills, and to potentially be able to demand a higher wage it is a good idea to specialise one area of digital marketing. One way to help you decide which digital marketing role is most suitable for you is to consider what type of thinker you are:



Creative thinkers are able to come up with new ideas or extensively develop and improve on existing ideas in order to set their work apart from the rest. Their work is often impactful and highly memorable due to the unique nature. One digital marketing role which specifically requires this is social media. In this role you will be responsible for thinking of new campaign ideas which will provoke a reaction from you target audience and encourage them to interact. Another create role is Email marketing, where you are responsible for creating compelling emails which provoke the recipients to take some form of desired action such as visit your website, make a purchase etc. Some degree of graphic design experience is usually required for this role.



5493Analytical thinkers are also known as ‘logical thinkers’ and have the ability to break down a whole system into parts in order to analyse and improve the individual components to improve overall performance. This is ideal for pay per click marketing. Also known as PPC, this is the creation and placement of paid adverts in search engines. PPC marketers must bid on specific search terms they wish to appear for in order to build a fully functional PPC campaign. They must then analyse the performance of each part and fine tune it to achieve the highest return on investment. Affiliate marketing is also great for analytical thinkers as it demands similar skills. Affiliates are responsible for placing adverts or promotions on third party websites in order to gain traffic and increase conversions. A percentage fee of any conversions will be paid to the third party websites, so these must be calculated and negotiated in a way to achieve the highest return on investment possible.



Critical thinkers can effectively evaluate a situation to determine the value of the outcome. Facts and figures may play a part in this, but they are also able to evaluate unmeasurables to determine worth. This type of thinking is perfect for search engine optimisation marketing. SEO is the practise of increasing visibility in organic search engine listings. This is achieved by making technical improvements to a website as well as creating content and working with influencers in the industry to increase brand awareness. It can be difficult to predict and measure some of the returns you achieve from SEO which is why critical thinking is required.


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If you are still not entirely sure which digital marketing role is most suitable for you, it can be a good idea to apply for a general digital marketing assistant role in order to get a feel for each area and make a more informed decision on what speciality is most suitable for you.

When you’re ready to start hunting for your graduate digital marketing job the first point of call should be the larger job websites such as Indeed and Monster as this is where the vast majority of vacancies are advertised. You should also sign up to employment agencies, in particular ones which specialise in digital marketing such as The Candidate and Bubble Jobs. These two sites not only offer relevant digital job vacancies but also provide in-depth information and guides on the different roles available.

Lastly, social media is becoming a huge part of recruitment, especially LinkedIn. This is a great place to find potential employers, connect with them and build relationships. From there you can approach them for potential opportunities and a lot of the time they will even approach you!



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