Reach your Potential by Shreya Sharma

Our intern Shreya Sharma who is currently working for us in Student Administration has written us this blog post about her experiences being a student in the UK.


True sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination – by Albert Einstein”.

Coming to the UK to study at the University of Sunderland in London, has entirely changed my vision towards my career and my life. Today I am far more confident to make decisions that will help me to accomplish my dreams.

My undergraduate degree helped me to develop a profound insight regarding the business world. I was baffled with numerous options that possibly will add value to my career, since I always wanted to pick up the best of them. The options started with the part-time jobs, which are unusual for international students to follow here and like others, these things were new for me as well. But to begin with something, I started working in Subway. My first job gave me a practical vision about the business industry, I was able to gain all the core organisational skills that every business student must possess. In addition to this, I also took the opportunity to become member of the Business Society and work as a Student Ambassador, keeping in mind the benefits would get in return. These opportunities have helped me to develop managerial skills, be a confident communicator, have a professional approach and learn how to initiate things independently. Developing these skills gratify your journey as a student and in return prepares you to face all the big challenges that comes in life.

Later I came across to the amazing opportunity to do a paid internship with the university. I got selected through a competitive interview process and achieved an internship in Student Administration. Currently I am engaged with that internship – an energizing, motivating and challenging experience which has consistently helped me develop strong skills in decision making and problem solving. I am delighted to accept it as a life changing experience. As a student I was given impeccable direction in regard to my career plan and then got a chance to gain and deliver valuable skills to the university. I want to encourage other students to come and take the opportunities which university provides.

To have clarity, visualise where you want to be and accept what life offers you. Making the most of opportunities which come your way is the best way to learn, grow and develop your strengths. There may be times when nothing goes the way you want, but saying yes to everything happening around, encourages you and strengthens your vision. You might have to go through different experiences, which are not related to your path, but remember through all those undertakings, responsibilities will lead you to your chosen destiny, so do not give up.

It takes commitment, sacrifices and those hardships to create success in your life. We are here to learn, even from our disappointments and your devotion in your work will help to reach your potential.

Follow the path which inspires you and one day you will surround yourself with the achievements to be proud of.

Be positive and unstoppable!

Good luck.

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