BA/BSc Debate


Debate no.1: 22nd October 2013

“This house believes that women should stay at home and look after their children”

4 thoughts on “BA/BSc Debate

  1. Ruth Davison

    I just wanted to say that I thouroughly enjoyed being a judge at this debate- both teams argued well and it was a privelledge to be part of the lively discussion…even with my big feet! I will look forward to the diversity debates!

  2. Alice Post author

    Thanks to the teams for a really great debate! The winners this time were the opposition team but both sides did a great job of researching and delivering their argument. Thank for getting involved and putting so much effort into it. We are looking forward to the next debate for Diversity Week.

  3. Allison Young

    I was delighted to be in the audience for the second student debate – and kept my small feet hidden from general view! This was a lively, well-informed debate and the enthusiasm of both sides was evident. Emotions ran high at times and I was particularly impressed by the confidence shown by all speakers in dealing with the many interruptions. Well done to all those who took part including Alice for her assured handling of all involved.

  4. Paul Jackson

    Well done to everyone who participated in this debate! I really enjoyed being a judge and was really impressed by all the preperation and hard work undertaken by the two teams. Both teams presented their points really well and as a judge, it was hard to determine a winner. I really look forward to seeing what you can all do at the forthcoming debate for Diversity Month! Keep up the good work!!!!

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