Supporting Adolescents with Attachment Difficulties in Secondary Schools


Supporting Adolescents with Attachment Difficulties in Secondary Schools provided by Dr Wendy Jackson, Educational Psychologist and Jane Pickthall, Virtual School Head

This unit explores understanding of why young people behave in the way they do and helps to build understanding from the young person’s perspective. This unit includes a range of suggestions for supporting young people within a school environment. This unit introduces Attachment difficulties for older children as they move into the teen years and is provided in 5 sections. This unit is suitable for a wide range of people including professionals (Health, Social Services and Education) as well as support workers/ para-professionals, parents, carers, corporate parents, foster parents kinship carers and adoptive parents or those seeking to understand children and young people and how they feel.

To get a taster and see what you would do see the video below

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The unit is delivered over 4 distinct areas that provide insight and young people’s voices along with good practice indicators and suggestions for short and longer term possibilities. The 5 sections provide knowledge and understanding of the following; Section 1: Adolescent Development. Section 2: Attachment and Adolescent Development- Section 3: Understanding Attachment Behaviours and the impact for adolescents. Section 4: Response and Reaction- how adolescents may display their behaviour and how school policies may not encourage change for these young people. Section 5: What good practice looks like including well established and tried techniques and suggestions

What is included in the unit

  1. a single login which will take you to the main page where you will find everything you need- including a quick access email link to the tea
  2. a series of MP4 format presentations that can playback on any device including mobile phone
  3. easy to use student handbook, available in word or pdf where you can add notes and ideas to keep these together for later use and ease of storage
  4. easy links to additional resources pertinent to the unit
  5. a listed webliography (providing additional resources for any further reading or viewing you may want to do)
  6. the option to purchase a full parchment certificate posted  to your home address from the University of Sunderland listing achievements (pdf format certificate is sent electronically as part of the unit fee
  7. support available throughout including an admin team: alongside, the admin team at Cape are also available via telephone Mon-Fri- from early until 5pm