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moving forward with CEL&T

Private Limited company- directors Dr Wendy Thorley and Mr Al Coates

Following a hugely successful pilot 18 months the time had come to reconsider the future for CEL&T, from the early days of the project to where we have arrived some 18 months later. 18 months ago CEL&T was formed as a project from an idea.
the 1st CEL&T National conference left a lasting impact, lots of queries and many very great partners to work with. As a result Dr Wendy Thorley approached the University of Sunderland to request their support in 'hosting' this project.
This project has grown beyond anyones expectations with excellent feedback and increasing numbers of requests and interest. To enable CEL&T to continue to grow, and meet the requests made as well as continue to offer cost effective training and development we have reviewed how CEL&T is supported now and what would be needed for the future.
Dr Wendy Thorley and Mr Al Coates have joined forces to create CEL&T Training and Development as a private limited company. they are currently working with CPD UK to list all of the e-learning units with CPD UK, this is a really positive move forward for all those professionals who require CPD hours for registration and repeated registration.
there are many advantages of taking CEL&T from a project to a listed company. We are fully supported by all those we have forged partnerships with over the years. We will continue to keep our commitments and will hopefully expand these in the future.
We very much look forward to working closely with Inspired Foundations, the Open Nest and many others.
to Celebrate the success of this project and officially launch the new company this website will close over the summer as out new website is released (expected end of May).
We are looking to work with a number of organisations/ people to provide free training during May/ June/ July that reflects who we are and what we are about. 
Our online e-learning units will still be available and can be purchased as previous. We are not taking any bookings at this time to enable all of the resources to be transferred without disruption to your experience.
We very much look forward to working with everyone we have met so far and taking this new venture with our usual enthusiasm!