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Child – Parent Violence (CPV): an exploratory exercise:

This report reviews the initial findings of an exploratory exercise carried out at the end of 2016, to open up more extensively discussions around Child – Parent Violence (CPV). On the 7th November 2016, Al Coates released via social media, a podcast interview with Helen Bonnick, discussing Child -Parent violence. The response was unexpected and opened up a diverse and complex discourse exploring both the issues and the family impact of CPV for families within the UK. This was particularly highlighted for those who were adoptive families. The response received suggested and pointed to CPV being more than just an adolescent concern for those engaging in discussion via social media and one that was instrumental in family crisis and family difficulty. As a consequence of this response, Coates (2016) constructed a survey to generate further discussion and exploration of CPV as a possible larger concern than currently understood across society. The exploratory exercise generated 264 responses in the 3 week release period




Child on parent Survey-

very interesting discussion for this topic and the need for more evidence of just how wide spread this is- please complete the following if you have 2 minutes to help this issue be raised far more and opened up, so that families can gain the support they need- the complete the survey please click the following link:
to listen to the discussion click the Child on Parent Violence title above- this is an MP3 podcast recording which you can download from the site
Thinking outside of the box: Education, Health and Care Planning (EHCP): Dr Wendy Thorley
This article argues that the time has arrived to reflect upon what can be achieved for children and young people if we ‘think outside of the box’ when using EHC plans to support those children and young people who have experienced Loss and Trauma for a myriad of reasons. This discussion suggests that using the current funding systems logically and within the ethos of the development of EHC plans, these children and young people can be better supported and funded in a systematic approach; that enables support to be provided in a timely and effective manner, something that many family units feel is not the case at present. Such family units include foster carers, kinship carers, adoptive parents and corporate care