Bio Psycho Social Model of Care

Bio Psycho

The Bio Psycho Social Model of Care


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FEEDBACK FOR THIS UNIT: (thank you to everyone for letting us know your thoughts)

From taking part in this unit I feel that I have ……..been given plenty of food for thought. I learnt a lot more about the presentation of PTSD in children, and issues around this. Whilst I did not agree with everything I read, I am far from being an expert in this area! I enjoy reading foster care books such as those written by Cathy Glass and Casey Watson et al, and this unit has helped explain why the children they foster behave in the way they do. I feel I've learnt quite a bit, building on knowledge I already had, especially around PTSD in children. The section on secondary trauma, whilst of vital importance, is not so relevant to myself personally as I don't currently work directly with a child. However, it is good background knowledge to have when I attend supervision groups for volunteers who provide therapeutic play for children as well as the information work I do for that charity. I will also be able to feed into the group when we are discussing a child who has experienced trauma and suggest why they might be behaving in the way they are and what they are trying to tell their play worker in order to aid their recovery October 2016